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Welcome To Al Nisa Homes Girls Hostel Lahore

Luxury Girls Hostel in Lahore - Best Female Student Hostel in Lahore 

Al Nisa Homes Girls Hostel in Lahore offers a very special atmosphere that does not include the pressures of the outside world. As a matter of fact, it is just females' hostel where they get a clean and healthy environment. Complete with amazing accommodations for group activities, stay safe, education, and others. Specifically, it has typical large homerooms that are ideal for educational sessions. So, the hostel provides a clean and safe environment for females to feel at home with affordable packages.

Do you know what facilities females can get from our girls hostel in Lahore?. Specifically, the facilities include central ventilation, high-speed unlimited Wi-Fi connectivity, large common rooms, Generator, and high security. Furthermore, the security ensures that females are safe and comfortable. Hence, we provide an inspiring environment even for very large groups. 

However, its diversity and high standards make it the best girls hostel in Lahore.

Electricity 24/7

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girls hostel near me, girls hostel in Lahore, girls hostel Lahore, female hostels in Lahore, Luxury girls hostel Lahore

Security System

girls hostel near me, girls hostel in Lahore, girls hostel Lahore, female hostels in Lahore, Luxury girls hostel Lahore

Luxury Rooms


A Little About Us

Our Mission - Providing Safest Services For Best Girls Hostel in Lahore Pakistan!

Now in Punjab, every woman and man enjoy equality in every step & walk of life. In this way, women and girls can and want to fulfil their role in achieving and enjoying goals. They can achieve prosperity with the well-being of the individual and the collective without the manifestation of open or transparent discrimination.

So, we are here to provide an enabling framework for female empowerment that supports inclusive development in Punjab. Our mission is to ensure equal rights and opportunities for females. Feel free to call us today or visit our girls hostel Lahore during business hours for more information.


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Included On All The Rooms

  • Free WiFi Service
  • 1/2/3/4 Seater Rooms
  • 24/7 Electricity
  • Servant Available
  • 24 hour Security Guard & Camera
  • Hot and Cold Water
  • Generator Available
  • Mess Available
  • Free Laundry


Glimpses of Best Girls Hostel Lahore

Safe Place – Working Ladies Hostel In Lahore

The luxury girls hostel Lahore offers a working place to women where they can be assured of a peaceful, neat, and safe environment. Also, it is guaranteed that your stay in this place is comfortable every moment. Currently, we have many professionals from all walks of life, such as teachers, software developers, and much more. Hence, we provide rooms and offer a complete package, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

If you are a working woman and looking for a luxury girls hostel, do not hesitate to contact Al Nisa Homes Girls Hostel Lahore.

Convenient & Accessible Girls Hostel In Lahore

The Al Nisa Homes Girls Hostel is where the budget easily meets. As a matter of fact, we provide unique privacy and space. For this reason, there are special large rooms, secure service, orthopedic mattresses. Also, you get individual power sockets and easy access. Hence at the luxury girls hostel Lahore near me, you get well-furnished rooms with daily repairs. Moroever, enjoy excellent cable-connected TV, water cooling devices, power support, and much more in one bill.

24 Hours Security & Electricity in Female or Girls Hostel Lahore

The priority of the Al Nisa Homes girls hostel Lahore is to provide girls with full security and safety. So, for this purpose, our building is equipped. Moreover, it has high-quality security cameras, security systems, and a security guard for 24 hours a day. Also, we are one of the luxury girls hostel in Lahore that provides electricity 24 hours. For this reason, females feel fear-free, comfortable, and satisfied. This is why it is among the top 10 best girls hostels near me in Lahore. Visit us through Google navigation

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